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I have a permanent sports injury in my left shoulder, but since I have started using the PowerStrips pain relief patches, the pain has disappeared completely.

The joint pain I have been experiencing in my left elbow is probably due to my age (we all wear and tear slowly, don't we?...) BUT, thanks to the PowerStrips pain relief patches, this, too, is only a bad memory of the past. :)

One single patch is sufficient for me: I cut it in half, and use half a patch on my shoulder, while the other half on my elbow.



With the help of PowerStrips pain relief patches, wounds heal unbelievably quickly!

These two images speak for themselves: merely 51 hours elapsed between the two of them! 




PowerStrips pain relief patches also relieve symptoms associated with varicose veins.

Besides the cosmetic concern, these symptoms tend to be: aching, cramping, burning, throbbing, tingling, or heaviness of the legs, tiredness, restlessness; and they also increase the risk of other circulatory problems.

PowerStrips relieves the pain and swelling, and it also visibly improves the appearance of the legs!


My everyday work demands a hard physical labor, and due to a difficult posture I had often felt untolerable pain around my shoulders. Thanks to PowerStrips I could gradually get rid of this unnoying discomfort.


I have often had very annoying cramps in my legs during night, but thanks to Powerstrips, by now I have completely forgotten the terrible experience of waking up from a nice dream because of the pain. Now can I sleep all night, undisturbed by kinks or spasms.


PowerStrips pain relief patches are also excellent for the treatment or prevention of cold/flu.

I have just had that familiar, funny feeling in my nose and throat the other day, that always tells me there is a cold creeping up on me.

I have put a tiny piece of PowerStrips over my nose, which has made my cold/flu symptoms disappear completely!


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